• Baby steps

    I am gradually returning to my drawing board of my business plan and also to my sewing. I am about to complete an academic job I have been commissioned to. A few more days and I will be able to think colourful thoughts. The incubation came to an end a few weeks ago when I …

  • Incubation nearly complete

    I made these bags for my new iPad. One of them is unfinished. There is a maritime theme emerging from this incubation period.

  • Incubation News

    Incubation works The incubation effect is well-known and was included in an early four-stage theory of creativity, put forward in 1926 by Graham Wallas, an English psychologist: Preparation Incubation Illumination or insight Verification The problem with this theory is that the incubation phase is extremely mysterious. First you prepare, then you ‘incubate’, which involves making …

  • Dressing a girl around the world – the project bags

    I have prepared these sweet treats for the girls who signed up for the sewing club. They will keep all their project materials in them until their dresses are ready. Then they keep the bag as a memento with some basic sewing bits inside.